Bringing skills into focus

Bringing skills into focus

The skills development platform for future-forward businesses

The working world is changing. Fast. With up to 40% of core skills shifting by 2025, people are needing to upskill, reskill and rightskill to adapt to their ever-evolving roles. But it’s not all doom and gloom. 

For agile businesses, constant change means constant growth. You have the opportunity to reshape the workforce by shifting to a skills-based approach.

That’s where we come in.

Keep the right skills in your orbit

Keep the right skills in your orbit

Broaden your skills horizons

We named our platform after the Kepler Space Telescope, a telescope that was built to search for planets outside of our solar system. Its superpower was to look at hundreds of thousands of stars, focusing with absolute precision on details that would reveal more about the universe. And that’s exactly what our solution does too.

It focuses on your universe.


Laser-focus on skills

We zoom in on your workforce, your industry, your business, your departments, your teams, and on every individual employee. We uncover untapped potential across the organisation, showing you the exact skills people need, now and in the future.


It’s not rocket science, but it is data science

Choosing what learning content to invest in can feel like a shot in the dark. Our solution demystifies the process by showing you practical recommendations backed by data and proven results. This makes it easier to make objective, strategic decisions, and to accurately measure your return on investment.


We help future-forward businesses put skills first

In using the Kepler learning platform, our clients are introduced to an aesthetically pleasing and easily understandable learning management experience. The platform is easy to navigate, and a great amount of predictive logic has been applied in the design of the overall user experience... Simplification is vital in our sphere, dealing with busy professionals, and our partnership with Kepler enables us to achieve our ideal of an efficient, seamless, and invaluable learning experience for our clients.
Anton van Wyk

Managing Director at CPD Campus

Kepler is an easy to use and intuitive tool for both employees and managers. We also like the gamification of the learning process, the comprehensive dashboards and other great features. Kepler recognises that workforce productivity goes beyond technical skills and integrates behavioural science in its systems.
Wen E Chin

VC Analyst at Launch Africa

Kepler offered us a default colourful and gamified solution, which could be easily customised and branded to provide a special learning experience. The Learning Journey Maps design and alternate layouts can be customised to deliver engaging user experience to the Learners. This slick and elegant user-centric Learning solution, that bridges soft skill development with strategic competency assessments, was developed with the effective support and collaboration of the Kepler team. Our Learners' feedback is very positive, and their level of satisfaction in evaluating their soft skills as well as engaging in learning is excellent.
Pascal Py

Learning Solution Expert & Program Manager at a global pharmaceutical company

You know where you want your business to go

We just help you get there

Our team will get to know your unique business objectives, before showing you how the platform can be customised to suit your needs.