Celebrate lifelong learning: Our holistic approach to skills development

We know that skills development happens in various ways, all the time. That's why our solution makes it easy for your team to keep tabs on the learning they do outside of the workplace. They can log stuff like podcasts, books, articles, courses, talks, workshops, and more.


Ready to let your team lead the way? 

Our approach puts employees in the driver's seat. We'll help you cultivate an employee-centric culture where all learning holds value – not just the tasks passed down from management. This empowers your team to shape their own skills development process, driving innovation and fostering a dynamic, agile workforce.



Revolutionising skills development

Fuel curiosity 

By offering tailored development opportunities, you empower your employees to embrace subjects that ignite their curiosity while fostering a sense of ownership over their professional growth journey.

Spotlight achievements 

Foster a culture where employees feel valued, opening doors for transparent conversations with leadership about personal interests and overall performance.

Diversify your knowledge bank 

Recognise your team's skills development, even when it's done through non-traditional sources like documentaries and podcasts.


Unlocking potential

With our additional learning feature, business leaders can: 
  • Provide employees with the tools to develop and evolve their skills, supporting their journey towards career advancement or transitioning into new roles.
  • Highlight valuable course materials and talks for employees to revisit and leverage in the future, ensuring continuous learning that stands the test of time.
  • Identify and acknowledge those who go above and beyond, fostering a culture of appreciation and motivation.
  • Harness the power of freely available content to encourage learning without excessive costs. 
  • Gain insights into emerging interests and areas of potential growth, guiding teams towards relevant and engaging learning opportunities.