Steer success with tailored career paths

Share the skills needed for each role and empower your team to take charge. With the wheel in their hands, they can navigate their careers along routes that align perfectly with their goals.


Built on skills, not just credentials 

We're flipping the script on career advancement. Our approach is rooted in skills, not just degrees and titles. Why? Because we know that true career growth is built on the foundation of real-world abilities, not just formal qualifications.



How career paths benefit your team

Makes goals concrete

By outlining the specific skills needed to get ahead, we make your team's career goals tangible and achievable. No more wondering how to advance their careers – our pathways provide a clear roadmap.

Guide employees towards success 

Our career paths offer people practical, meaningful guidance on how to reach their goals. With clear insights and recommendations, employees receive personalised direction that turns their ambitions into reality.

Show people that their aspirations matter

Show employees that their aspirations aren't just personal – they're integral to your business's success. By putting career decisions in employees' hands, you'll demonstrate that their growth aligns with your growth.

Help pinpoint potential

Our career pathways highlight potential paths for lateral moves, helping employees switch departments to broaden their experience and work towards promotions. This flexibility keeps growth within reach, no matter the direction.

Keep up with industry standards

We provide a transparent view of industry standards and requirements. This enables employees to see where they stand, how to improve, and what it takes to excel within their field.


The strategic impact of our career paths

Our career pathways feature helps business leaders to: 

  • Source talent from within the organisation, fostering career mobility and creating a culture of learning. 
  • Identify pathways that align with business needs, reducing the need for external hires.
  • Gain insights into employee career aspirations, enabling informed HR decisions that boost retention.
  • Attract new talent by showcasing the business’ commitment to employee growth and development. 
  • Enhance performance management through a transparent and skill-based framework.
  • Make promotion opportunities clear and fair, establishing a merit-based foundation for career growth.