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Our features are designed to make the entire skills development process simple, straightforward and streamlined.

Skills Identification Technical Skills Assessments Human Skills Assessments Skills Gap Analysis Learning Journeys Career Pathways Compliance Training Additional Learning Analytical Reporting

Skills Identification 

Our solution makes it easy to find skills recommendations based on job title, industry, country, and more. And you can collaborate with different team-leads by asking them to identify the skills needed in their own departments. 




Technical Skills Assessments 

Assess your employees’ current skill levels with manager ratings, self assessments, and peer reviews. We include every team member in the process, factoring in each person's seniority and experience to help ensure the results are fair. 


Technical Skills Assessment

Human Skills Assessments

Measure soft skills like critical thinking, resilience, and conflict resolution using real-world scenarios that are meaningful and relevant. Give employees clear, actionable feedback to help them reach their goals. 


Skills Gap Analysis

Our solution uses the results of the skills assessments to identify specific skills gaps across the business. Then, we give you detailed, data-driven reports that help guide you on how best to allocate your budget. 


Learning Journeys

Our solution automatically prioritises learning content based on each person’s skills gaps, so that employees feel supported when tackling their current challenges. But we balance this with content that helps them reach their future goals. 


Learning Journeys

Career Pathways

Drive promotion opportunities by being transparent about what skills are needed for each role. And then put employees in the driver's seat. They can steer their careers by choosing pathways that align with their goals.


Compliance Training 

We seamlessly integrate with your existing learning content library, and you can add learning materials that are unique to your business. Stay on top of company or industry-related compliance requirements by assigning and tracking compulsory professional development tasks. 


Additional Learning

We know that learning isn't limited to a piece of software. That's why our solution allows people to note the enrichment activities they do outside of the workplace. Employees can log things like podcasts, books, articles, courses, talks and workshops. 

Additional Learning

Analytical Reporting 

Look beyond simple engagement metrics to focus on whether employees are genuinely developing. Get meaningful reports that give you quantifiable ways to track your return on investment, so that you can make strategic, data-driven decisions about budget allocations. 




Analytical Reporting

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The future of skills development


Show employees that they're valued

Everyone has more to offer than their job titles. And the top talent will gravitate to businesses that recognise that.


Hire from within the business

Your best potential talent source may be your own people. Boost retention by encouraging career mobility.


Adapt in an ever-changing market

Our platform learns and adapts in real-time, changing the skills recommendations as roles evolve.


Promote based on skill-level

Look beyond traditional corporate hierarchies to find more meaningful ways for people to succeed.