Bridge the skills gaps in your team

Discover your team's strengths and opportunities for growth with a real-time overview of essential skills. Our skills gap reports provide an accurate snapshot of the skills your business needs, benchmarked against international standards.


Elevate decision-making with detailed skills reports 

Gain a comprehensive understanding of your business's skills landscape through our skill reports. Armed with accurate data, you can confidently drive informed decisions that shape success.



Skills gap analysis: Your team's North Star

Guide your team's focus 

Help your team develop skills faster and more effectively by channelling their energy into targeted areas.

Personalise skills development 

Equip your teams with detailed skill-level insights, nurturing a deeper understanding of strengths and areas for growth.

Keep teams motivated

Create a culture of continuous learning by tracking and celebrating skills development, over time.

Uncover opportunities for growth

Equip your team with clear, unbiased insights into their current skills and the skills they should aim to develop.


The impact of our skills gap report

Our skills reports enable business leaders to: 

  • Strategically people plan, creating departments and teams with a blend of proficiency levels, from low-level skill users to higher-level experts.
  • Gain crucial insights into skills gaps, informing effective recruitment and strategic planning.
  • Make informed decisions when investing in skills development content.