The most advanced skills matrix available on the market today.

Dive into our skills matrix and discover how you can revolutionise the way your business views, assess, understands, and harness the potential of its teams. Develop your human capital like never before. Increase aligned performance, hire and deploy with precision, empower your human resource team. Let accurate data drive your learning and development team. It’s easy with Kepler + Co.


Are you ready to truly understand skills?

An accurate skills matrix goes beyond a basic understanding of organisational skill requirements – it shapes the future of skills. It shapes the future of organisations. Go beyond static role descriptions and tertiary qualifications. Let skills lead the way. 

Using our skills matrix, we empower precision hiring, enable meaningful career paths, and facilitate proactive, targeted learning journeys that ensure that our customers are ahead of the curve.  



Skills matrices for empowerment

Show each team member they are valued

By using our skills matrix, you're investing in each individual employee's career journey, showing them they are valued.

Foster a culture of both horizontal and vertical career mobility, by identifying internal talent with the right mix of skills for the right role, and deploy with agility.

Transparent expectations

Understand the required skills for each and every role in a rapidly evolving business landscape. Clearly outline the competencies and skills required for success, and proactively ensure that everyone knows what's expected, and how to do it, how to get there – how to succeed.



Precision in people planning

Our skills matrix equips HR professionals and managers with the data they need to:
  • Make data-driven decisions for goal setting and performance reviews.
  • Understand the strengths, skill gaps, and learning needs of the organisation.
  • Take a birds eye view of the entire organisational skills inventory, and proactively address potential gaps, or plan for future requirements
  • Recruit and retain the right talent, tapping into diverse talent pools.
  • Implement effective succession plans, ensuring seamless transitions.


Learning and development's strategic partner

Get a granular understanding of the current, and soon to be current, skills landscape.

Align learning initiatives with real-time skills data, and ensure that your targeted learning is relevant, impactful, and directly contributes to both individual growth and organisational success.

With Kepler + Co's skills matrix, L&D professionals are empowered to drive meaningful change, fostering a culture of continuous learning and adaptability.