Our 360-degree approach to skill assessment

Get to know your team's technical skills inside out with skill assessments that include manager ratings, self-assessments, and peer reviews.


More than just a skills test 

Traditional testing methods can sometimes feel like theoretical exams – those who memorise the methodology excel, while those with valuable practical skills might get overlooked. 

Our approach gives you a more complete picture of someone’s skills. By encouraging ongoing reflection and feedback from every member of the team, you'll get a more balanced understanding of your employees' practical skills and natural aptitudes.




Transforming how we measure skills 

Skill assessments aren’t there to spot weaknesses. They’re there to spot potential. That’s why we call our assessments "skill endorsements". With our skill endorsement process, there’s no way to pass or fail, and the results highlight strengths and possibilities for growth.



Uncover your team's potential

Take the stress out of assessments

All assessments are available on one, easy-to-use solution, making it easy for employees to evaluate themselves and their peers.

Give employees an accurate skills snapshot

Pinpoint each person's current skill levels and areas for growth, helping them understand where and how they can improve.

Ensure the results are balanced and fair

We include every team member in the skill assessment process, factoring in each person's seniority and experience.

Personalise the skills development process

We use the results of the skills assessments to create personalised skills roadmaps, tailored to meet each employee’s needs.


How skill assessments drive business impact

With our 360-degree skills assessments, business leaders can:

  • Identify where to focus skills development efforts to get the best return on investment. 
  • Get a better understanding of why some areas in the business may not be hitting targets.
  • People plan effectively by assessing whether teams have the right mix of skills. 
  • Set high standards for technical expertise across different departments and regions. 
  • Equip employees with essential digital skills to make the most of business software investments.