Kepler + Co for teams

Understand the complete skill-set of your peers and how to maximise your productivity by connecting the right people to the right projects, at the right time.

Unified teams with aligned goals

Working in a team with the right skills, in the right roles, is a little like magic. It boosts creativity, speeds up problem-solving, and brings diverse perspectives and solutions to the table.

Working in a team with the wrong skills? Well, we've all been there and it's not much fun.

Understand the people you work with like never before.  Help recognise talent and address skills-gaps. Your team shouldn't be the A-Team, it should be the best team. We can help.


360 degree skills assessments

Our assessment methodologies are anything but traditional. We're not here to serve theory exams.

We're here to identify the true potential of the people around you, and empower them to succeed within your team.

Using a combination of self-assessments, team endorsements, manager ratings, and propriety technologies, we're able to remove bias, identify strengths, and provide clearly defined roadmaps for successful teams.


Teams that gel

Our human-centric approach to soft-skills enables teams to identify where people are strong, and where they might need a little guidance to work well within the team.

Make sure that your team is well equipped to handle conflict, have the tough discussions when needed, manage time, and more, all while striving towards a shared goal.


Teams that roll

Losing critical team members isn't ideal, particularly when they're the only ones with mission critical information locked up in their heads.

Take a proactive approach to succession planning without bias. Connect the right people, with the right skills, to the right mentors.

Unlock siloed information and make sure that your team can handle the potential loss of a team member without impacting your projects.